Tip On Siting Down And Write

Are you struggling to begin to wring either because you don’t really know where to even begin. Sometimes working on your writing is too much work and you can’t be bothered. (Well, then I should be smacking you for not being bothered. Am just kidding I should thank you if you were writing right now you won’t be here reading this post.) It a good thing that you are now here a is 4 tips for you to just begin.

1. set a time for yourself to just write, promise yourself that you’re going to write so make it happen. It doesn’t matter how many minutes you going to start writing. you can start off small if it too hard for you to stay concentrate for a long. 10 minutes writing session is still better than nothing, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour or even more that is even better. So get your pen out and start writing, think about what is really exciting about writing to get yourself pump up. Think about the fact that youre going to get to know more about your world and charecter, it like meeting your old friend. How exciting is that.

2. Write when you’re travelling, if you’re hands is notimages on that wheel driving you can write for sure. espcailly if you’re using public transportation, waiting for the doctor at a hospital, doing the waiting game; you can diffinitly write somthing. Granted that some of you might preperfer to read, but all of you who is not reading and who is just w
asting time doing nothing, please, please whip your phone or paper and pen out and start writing. It’s very, very good; you’re traing yourself to fall in to the habit of writing and this will begin to get easiler. The good thing about writing is that you can just start writing and enjoy all of your imagination and all of your characters in your head. So stop wasting time and start writing.

3. Read people read, it’s the best thing that you can do for your writing brain. It definitely craves stories so please feed it; it’s like a plant if you don’t feed it; it’s going to shrivel up and die. So please start reading, now some of you out there will not like reading at all, most of you probably repel reading like a vampire repel sunlight. The thought of reading it will make you shrivel up and just want to hide in your coffin. Here is a solution for you if you hate reading go and find an audiobook it’s still would be an equivalent as reading. I do it all the time as a dyslexic person it’s just not that easy to start reading. I do love and enjoy reading, but from time to time I get so frustrated with myself at reading. I’m just so slow and it’s driving me nuts. (Like little crazy nuts running around being extremely mad as hell at myself.)

encre20l_marquet20189220library20of20congress4. Find somewhere comfortable, go and find somewhere that you can feel so comfortable and relax. If you like writing in your bed go ahead write in your bed. That is also my prefer area to write as well, it’s the most comfortable place ever. If you like writing in a noisy cafe or restaurant go ahead, go and find a good cafe place that you can write in. Some of you out there might enjoy some outlandish places like in a bar. Or even going into the realm of weirdness here; some of you might even enjoy sitting on a toilet and start writing. (Hey, I don’t know what you do in your private life, no judgement here; just stating. If you LOVE it then go ahead and write there.)

I hope this has really help you out, join the mailing list if you want to be notified by email when the next post is up. Also, I always take feedback from people who want to give me advise on what to write next and I would love to hear from you.

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