Get Ready For Japan

Want to know how you can get ready to come to Japan and be prepared for everything. 4 things I will be talking about. 1: Visa, 2: Job, 3: Accommodation, 4: Ward Office And Gaijin Card,5: Bank Account and 6: Name Stap

1: Visa

Let’s talk about getting here, I mean ever it’s possible then I would recommend for you to get a Visa. A working holiday Visa is a great visa to have if your country allows you to apply for one. There is a requirement, though, in the UK, you must be 18 to 33 to apply for The visa. If you meet the requirement then I would recommend for you to go ahead and apply for the Visa until the Embassy give you what you want. 

2: Job

I would recommend for you to apply for a job even before you get to Japan. GaijinPotジョブis one of the best website that you can sign up to it. All you need is your email address to sign up and it’s free. Once you register go ahead and import your CV on there or work experience, The website will keep all of your details and remember everything on there. On the website, they have a lot of job post; there are varieties of the category.  Especially teaching job post, there is a lot on GaijinPotジョブ. The company will inform you of the requirement to apply for the job some of them don’t even need to you to be in Japan yet. If you know you’re going to be in Japan certain months then that should be fine. All the interview process will be done via Skype’s.

3: Accommodation 

Let’s looked at accommodation, of course, you’re going to need accommodation. (Unless you love sleeping in the street, I don’t know your preference.) I begin by looking into shared house seeing as I don’t really know everything about Japan yet. A share house would be the best way to go because of the fact that I can move out whenever I want and it’s a good start. All of the shared house that I’ve been in the all include all the utility bills so I didn’t have to worry about anything at all which is amazing. But a lot of shared house doesn’t include all the utility bill, so you have to look around.  

Female only Share Home For 35000:
Male and Female Share Home For 45000:

4: Ward Off And Gaijin Card 

As soon as you get here you want to register your gaijin card of your address as soon as you can within the three weeks. It is on wise to not register you will definitely get into a big trouble if you don’t do it. Also, make sure that you go to the right ward office with in Tokyo there is 23 Ward, Ward is like County different council within your community. And you need to go there to register your address and everything else like your health insurance if the company doesn’t provide one for you. You can find out what Ward office you are in by looking at your address. Four example Katkushika-Kun: that’s mean you’re Ward office is in Katkushika.

Arakawa-Kun: that’s mean your ward office is in Arakawa. 

You get the idea, Just make sure that you go to the right ward office because if you go to the wrong one office you’re going to be spending a lot of time in line waiting for your number to be call out and it turns out that you are in the wrong ward office.

5: Bank Account 

Now let’s talk about bank account, unfortunately in Japan it’s a little bit hard to get a bank account when you get here because most of Japan bank required you to be here by six months before you can open a bank account. Now I have two bank account for you to choose from One is the post office bank account, two is shinsie bank account. However do not get excited just yet there is something else you need.

6: Name Stap

Before you can even open the bank account you need a name stamp. Now you’re wondering what is a name stamp? What in heaven’s name is that? A name stamp on my so little beguiling read it is a proof of your identity it’s equal to a signature. In the UK (and in America I think) we use our signature to prove our identity. But here in Japan when you get into a contract you need a name stamp. Some company might be very lenient’s wet when you’re making a contract and you can maybe use your signature to prove your identity. However a lot of company and the company that you want to make a contract which you will definitely need a name stamp for. Now you’re asking me, where do I get a name stamp? Where oh where almighty of The knowing please inform us of where we can get the name stamp. (why, thank you for calling me that I am so touch). All around Tokyo was in the area you live in if you go to the town or the shopping area that will be a shop that will do name stamp they will carve out your name, it’s best to have your name in Japanese just so you know. The shopkeeper will try and write your name in Japanese in the pronunciations that he think it should sound. I hope this is helpful and best wishes and good luck to everybody out there.


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