What Make You A Writer?

Ever wonder if you’re truly mean for the job. Think about it in every job that you do is it really the right thing for you. Are you truly meant to do this job, enjoy it or is it driving you missable and you can’t even stand to get out of bed to even try to get to work. All of us are just trying to do our best to paddle through this river we called life and once in a while things just don’t go the right way.

Writing is exactly the same thing as any other job. When it come to creative kind of job you never know what will truly happen. At one point it would be amazing, but at another, it would be you’re starving to death because you don’t have enough money. Why? You’re not selling your book or your painting or music. The fear is there, people the fear is there, that is what we all really truly fear if we are ever, ever going to be successful or not in the job that really made you want to do. But truly if you don’t really take risk how will you know that you ever going to make it or you are actually going to fell. At the very beginning, I was always, always scared about writing, that is normal you will always have self-doubt it is just  attached to you like a baby attached to its mother. (What seriously baby don’t attached itself to it mother, are you telling me that I have been going through life thinking that babies has been attached to their mother from hips to bones.)

Okay, so what’s make you truly are a writer. Is there really truly a way to actually deciding if someone is really a write or not. Can you actually said oh that person is not really a writer when they are actually writing. I think it’s up to you to decide if you are an actual writer or not or are you just writing for fun or are you just writing to write because you want to write. 

You yourself have to put yourself in the mindset that you are a writer, no one else can say that you’re not if you think that you’re a writer. There will be people who will put you down, throw you to the curve all your life, you don’t need that kind of people. For me, it actually took me years to actually decide that I am going to be a writer because when I started to begin writing my novel it was just for fun. I wanted to just write it as all the idea was banging, and begging to get out.  I left it for years, never really talked or write anything after, being busy with my education. It’s just been very recently that I have began to put myself in the shoes of thinking that I will be publishing my book and be a writer. All those years ago, people wouldn’t think I would go into writing seeing as my English is just so horrendous well not horrendous but quite bad. Sometimes it’s quite lacking I guess a lot of the time I can only think of simple words. But that’s what reading come into play when you read you expand your vocabulary and your knowledge within the language. 

To me I think that you have to look within yourself, you

IMG_0340 copy
Love Me Please

have to accept that you are a writer before anyone else can accept you as a writer. Announces it to the world, let them know that you are a writer. Stop letting fear of failure, or of someone not liking your writing or even the fact that you never going to get anywhere. Just do what you love and love what you do, just be you. Love you embrace you. (Hahaha, this is sounding for like a self-help advice then what really makes you a writer.) Now onward and upward, being a writer is a long and gruelling journey. Just like your character you will have to go on that journey with them and it will be long it will take you months, years even a lifetime.


IMG_0343 copy
Writer Adventure, LET GO!!!

But if you are determined never giving up, keep rowing on without looking back just looking forward. Not giving up at the first sign of difficulties than you are a writer. But some people would give up but then come back, give up, and come right back again. To me you still are a writer, you’re just taking the long way round. Writing is in your blood you just can’t seem to give it up even if you want to. That was me for a few years. How funny is that and I never even thought that I would be here right now.


It’s not really a truly simple answer as asking what makes you a writer? It’s more of asking yourself do you think you’re a writer? 

Are you seating in front of the computer writing? A writer. 

Are you trying to write even with everything in your life. A writer. 



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