What Genre To Choose

Do you ever have the problem of choosing what genre to write in? What genre do you want to go into? Here’s what I think. Sometimes people say you should write what you know. However writing what you know to me, it does not leave a lot of room for you as a person and an author to grow; to have the opportunity to expand your view. Our human mind is always looking for ways to grow so why not feed it, challenge yourself.

As a writer as well you need to choose the subject that you are excited about and enjoy writing about. When that day comes you just feeling so frustrated, hating your work. Can’t seem to get the emotions across or getting the descriptive right or even having a writer’s block and you just want to throw your books out of the window. The genre, the excitement, and the enjoyment will act as a reminder why you started the project in the beginning or why you started the project in the first place.

For me I think it is better to choose what you actually enjoy, to read about something that you love. When you are reading a book what part of it that you read makes you feel so excited and you completely disregard all of the others things. You just want to jump the book and find the section within it that hold the treasury information.

When you’re reading a book or watching a movie what part of it make you so excited that you want to bite your nails out, and you want to jump out of your seat because you’re so frustrated or excited. The part where you feel like your stomach going to be tying in knots and just can’t stop watching or reading on.

Sit down and write all the story that you enjoy and see what part of it that you enjoyed the most, then you can find out what genre that it would fall into. Are you the kind that loves to make up magic and coming up with unique creatures, or are you the kind that loves to tell romantic stories. Or are you the type that loves all the fighting and all the blood gushing out making you so excited, or the kind that loves to make people think.

So sit down and think about it, what genre to write in? The genre will appear to you. choose what you enjoy what you know will always come across in your stories.Good Luck, leave me a comment on what you think. I would like to know what genre do you love and why?


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