Really Cheap Food Shop In Japan

Kimuraseika: 木村青果
Is the most expensive shop that I checked out. However The produce there is very fresh and they have everything in bulk. Especially when it comes to a vegetable that is more foreign in Japan, in the shop you find that the vegetable are very fresh, and they have varieties of fruit and vegetable. The shop only sales fruit, vegetable and pickles.

The Big A: ビッグエー

If you’re looking for vegetable, fruits this shop would give you more valued for your money; you get a lot more quantity of the produce. Seeing as in Japan fruits and vegetables and fruits sometimes only comes in 1 to 4 in the package (for example an apple in the normal shop you can get about four in the package.) But in this shop, you get up to 6 that is the same price to a normal shop. The shop has everything in it and has can food, junk food, frozen food. It is pretty much a supermarket.

Attack: アタック

A lot of vegetables is much cheaper than all the other shop that I have been to. It has a lot more varieties within the fruit section of foreign fruits. The meat is very cheap in this shop and they usually have discount happing.

Gyomu su-pa-: 業務スーパー (Or alcohol & wholesale super liquor market yamada: 酒&業務スーパー酒市場ヤマダ )

The shop is the cheapest shop when it comes to shopping for more international products. In a normal shop, it would cost double the price of the product fit in the shop. And sometimes you can’t find the produce unless you go to this shop. They have a lot more of variety in a frozen section that has most of the foreign food. Sometimes A lot of the produce is sold in bulk and is very cheap.

I hope this is helpful.


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