There was once live a girl name Sinoun, as a child she always wanted to be a FARMER or a TEACHER.

Life have thrown many obstacle in her face, she meet one enemy that she could not defeat and the villain name is called Dyslexia and many many other villain but Dyslexia took the centre stage in Sinoun life. Always telling her she is not good enough her life will go no where, she believe it deep down.

But She rise above it and fight back, never giving up, never backing down. She charge on and fought to pass her school, go to college and flew straight to university. At university life have never been so much harder, she parties all day and work all night; animation really crush her soul. One good thing came out of it, she realise something very important; she love telling stories. She remembers when she was 19 she started to write but STOP! In her mind she knew that she not cutout to be a writer. She stick to the safe path and just read stories instead, through this her enemy Dyslexia was with her the whole time.

It whisper her deep dark fear, “who would want to read the story that you write, you are crap, you’re never be able to do it. You never amount to anything.” Alas she gave up on her writing dreams and follow an aimless path.

Knowing that she likes to write stories, she challenges the villain Dyslexia in a dual. It’s a life-and-death moment, either she will be defeated by her evil villain Dyslexia or she will stump it down with her feet. The battle took many days, months, years. Through the battle they jump from countries to countries, and atlas Sinoun own when they reach Japan. One of her dreamland to live in, Japan her ally partner in crimes gave her so much confidence that she cut down Dyslexia in two.

From time to time her enemy Dyslexia do rise up, but as an author, a writer, she created worlds and so many characters that come together to fight in the battle and they don’t care however many times they need to do it.

For now everything is peaceful and all throughout the land is prosperous. Sinoun and her characters is now going on another adventure to fight evil where ever they are needed. For Sinoun she is living in a peaceful life in Japan enjoying tea, TEACHING and WRITING. A Happy Ending…..OR IS IT…

(Well so that’s my story, all about me. Hope you enjoyed that ^_^ writing really do make anything sound exciting.)



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