How to make Monjayaki

How to make Monjayaki, It is very simple and easy to make. You don’t need much to make it and you can make it anywhere in the world.

If Pizza is equivalent of the western world fast food, then Monjayaki is an equivalent to the Japanese fast food. But when I say fast food it is not the unhealthy food that is going to kill you some day, it just mean it cooked very fast. Monjayaki is a runny version to it twin the okonomiyaki, which is a Japanese pancake. So it like a very, very  Japanese pizza version.


Culture Shock: Japan VS England

Me and my friend Charlotte is talking about the differences of culture shock of Japan and England for us and this is part 1. Below is the time and subject within the video the discussion is talk about.

00:24 :Escalator
01:12 : Train
02:58 : Cash Machine
04:32 : Bins
06:21 : Photo Booth- Purikura
07:44 : Rainy Season
08:01 : Apartment Wall

Really Cheap Food Shop In Japan

Kimuraseika: 木村青果
Is the most expensive shop that I checked out. However The produce there is very fresh and they have everything in bulk. Especially when it comes to a vegetable that is more foreign in Japan, in the shop you find that the vegetable are very fresh, and they have varieties of fruit and vegetable. The shop only sales fruit, vegetable and pickles.

The Big A: ビッグエー

If you’re looking for vegetable, fruits this shop would give you more valued for your money; you get a lot more quantity of the produce. Seeing as in Japan fruits and vegetables and fruits sometimes only comes in 1 to 4 in the package (for example an apple in the normal shop you can get about four in the package.) But in this shop, you get up to 6 that is the same price to a normal shop. The shop has everything in it and has can food, junk food, frozen food. It is pretty much a supermarket.

Attack: アタック

A lot of vegetables is much cheaper than all the other shop that I have been to. It has a lot more varieties within the fruit section of foreign fruits. The meat is very cheap in this shop and they usually have discount happing.

Gyomu su-pa-: 業務スーパー (Or alcohol & wholesale super liquor market yamada: 酒&業務スーパー酒市場ヤマダ )

The shop is the cheapest shop when it comes to shopping for more international products. In a normal shop, it would cost double the price of the product fit in the shop. And sometimes you can’t find the produce unless you go to this shop. They have a lot more of variety in a frozen section that has most of the foreign food. Sometimes A lot of the produce is sold in bulk and is very cheap.

I hope this is helpful.

Finding Cheap Furniture in Japan

Today let’s talk about ways of finding furniture is in Japan, most of Japan apartment is not furnish unfortunately. So here is some places that you could check out to buy it.


Screenshot 2016-01-30 12.30.51

Craigslist in Japan is the best place to search for secondhand furniture and appliances. Every day there is always somebody posting up a new post to get rid of their furniture. So go and check it out you might be saving a lot of money before you go and get a new appliance.

Screenshot 2016-02-04 10.27.01
Go on google and just type in Sayonara Sales there are some other websites that will show up in the search engine, for you to look at. But some of these might not be in your area so be careful when you are looking into them checked out make sure the you check out the area.

Screenshot 2016-02-04 10.29.37Screenshot 2016-02-04 10.29.24
Book Off and Hard Off, in Japan it is a secondhand shop. You can find amazing new appliances there, but they are still not as cheap as Sayonara sale on Craigslist and the web search. You just need to look around some of the stuff might be cheaper but some of the stuff are more expensive.

Screenshot 2016-02-04 10.23.24
Check out Don Quijote, they do have quite a few appliances in there. But I don’t think its is as cheap as every other option so shop around and check it out and see if it’s actually quite cheap. If you don’t really like the idea of buying secondhand things, Don Quijote is probably the best option to go for to buy new things that are not too pricey.

Good Luck. Any Question Comment Down Below.

Apartment hunting in japan

Let’s talk about trying to hunt for an apartment in Japan. I want to talk to you about what website to go to, the recommendation of some website that you can check. So it’s all about apartment hunting in Japan.

If you’re going to be arriving in Japan for the first time I would recommend for you to go for a share house. This is less stressful for you and it’s just really a lot less hassle. Seeing as you don’t really know much about Japan yet and you’re not really ready to dive into looking for an apartment so a share a house would be a great stepping stone for you. A share a house you don’t have to have a contract for a long period of time it’s only a certain time and you can inform the landlord straight away but in a few months that you want to move out. Some shared house will include all the bills, but a lot of shared house here will not include it so you have to pay separately for the bills, but you can easily find a shared house that includes all of the bills and cheaply.

Shared House: Female only:
Male and Female:

oNf9IK7pSumo is one of the best apartment hunting website that I could recommend, it have the most information on all of the agency and they have a lot of houses that you can search for. You can do a lot on this website the only downside to it is that it’s all in Japanese, but you should be able to use Google to translate the page. Also, some Landlord doesn’t want to rent their apartment to foreigners. Leopalace21 is also a very good agency for you to go to if you don’t want to waste too much time and all of the people in this agency would be able to speak English and this agency is made for accommodating foreigners. Unfortunately, the accommodation in this agency is quite small and the price itself is quite expensive compared to the unfurnished apartment the good thing about this is that the apartment would be furnish so you don’t have to buy any furniture at all. They also provide just a monthly contract even a short term contract that is six months long.  Suumo-           Leopalace21-


UR取扱店-200x133UR apartment is one other agency that I would recommend seeing as this agency is provided by the government. All the houses are provided by the government so foreigners are welcome to rent the apartment. However a lot of the apartment are not available and a lot of them are not in a certain area within Tokyo. I know that some  of the apartment can be old,  the apartment itself is still great. I find that the prices sometimes fluctuate from being very pricey to being very cheap depending on the area that you look at. A lot of the apartment is quite big especially if Screenshot 2016-01-30 12.30.15you’re looking for a two bedroom apartment upwards. Now the downside is that the website will all be in Japanese, but they do have a website called Whitestone that is in English and the person who shows you around will be able to speak English. You need your company to send you all the details about your contract and your income will be evaluated, to rent a the certain apartment. The prices of the apartment monthly you can only allow to rent it if you have enough income for that apartment renting. UR-  WhiteStone-

Screenshot 2016-01-30 12.30.51Craigslist I recommend for you to go and check it out. I note that in the US and in the UK Craigslist is not so trustworthy. But here in Japan Craigslist is legit, there is no scam going on. And the good thing about this is that it’s all in English you can check all the accommodation out on there. Craigslist-


Video version:


Get Ready For Japan

Want to know how you can get ready to come to Japan and be prepared for everything. 4 things I will be talking about. 1: Visa, 2: Job, 3: Accommodation, 4: Ward Office And Gaijin Card,5: Bank Account and 6: Name Stap

1: Visa

Let’s talk about getting here, I mean ever it’s possible then I would recommend for you to get a Visa. A working holiday Visa is a great visa to have if your country allows you to apply for one. There is a requirement, though, in the UK, you must be 18 to 33 to apply for The visa. If you meet the requirement then I would recommend for you to go ahead and apply for the Visa until the Embassy give you what you want. 

2: Job

I would recommend for you to apply for a job even before you get to Japan. GaijinPotジョブis one of the best website that you can sign up to it. All you need is your email address to sign up and it’s free. Once you register go ahead and import your CV on there or work experience, The website will keep all of your details and remember everything on there. On the website, they have a lot of job post; there are varieties of the category.  Especially teaching job post, there is a lot on GaijinPotジョブ. The company will inform you of the requirement to apply for the job some of them don’t even need to you to be in Japan yet. If you know you’re going to be in Japan certain months then that should be fine. All the interview process will be done via Skype’s.

3: Accommodation 

Let’s looked at accommodation, of course, you’re going to need accommodation. (Unless you love sleeping in the street, I don’t know your preference.) I begin by looking into shared house seeing as I don’t really know everything about Japan yet. A share house would be the best way to go because of the fact that I can move out whenever I want and it’s a good start. All of the shared house that I’ve been in the all include all the utility bills so I didn’t have to worry about anything at all which is amazing. But a lot of shared house doesn’t include all the utility bill, so you have to look around.  

Female only Share Home For 35000:
Male and Female Share Home For 45000:

4: Ward Off And Gaijin Card 

As soon as you get here you want to register your gaijin card of your address as soon as you can within the three weeks. It is on wise to not register you will definitely get into a big trouble if you don’t do it. Also, make sure that you go to the right ward office with in Tokyo there is 23 Ward, Ward is like County different council within your community. And you need to go there to register your address and everything else like your health insurance if the company doesn’t provide one for you. You can find out what Ward office you are in by looking at your address. Four example Katkushika-Kun: that’s mean you’re Ward office is in Katkushika.

Arakawa-Kun: that’s mean your ward office is in Arakawa. 

You get the idea, Just make sure that you go to the right ward office because if you go to the wrong one office you’re going to be spending a lot of time in line waiting for your number to be call out and it turns out that you are in the wrong ward office.

5: Bank Account 

Now let’s talk about bank account, unfortunately in Japan it’s a little bit hard to get a bank account when you get here because most of Japan bank required you to be here by six months before you can open a bank account. Now I have two bank account for you to choose from One is the post office bank account, two is shinsie bank account. However do not get excited just yet there is something else you need.

6: Name Stap

Before you can even open the bank account you need a name stamp. Now you’re wondering what is a name stamp? What in heaven’s name is that? A name stamp on my so little beguiling read it is a proof of your identity it’s equal to a signature. In the UK (and in America I think) we use our signature to prove our identity. But here in Japan when you get into a contract you need a name stamp. Some company might be very lenient’s wet when you’re making a contract and you can maybe use your signature to prove your identity. However a lot of company and the company that you want to make a contract which you will definitely need a name stamp for. Now you’re asking me, where do I get a name stamp? Where oh where almighty of The knowing please inform us of where we can get the name stamp. (why, thank you for calling me that I am so touch). All around Tokyo was in the area you live in if you go to the town or the shopping area that will be a shop that will do name stamp they will carve out your name, it’s best to have your name in Japanese just so you know. The shopkeeper will try and write your name in Japanese in the pronunciations that he think it should sound. I hope this is helpful and best wishes and good luck to everybody out there.