Western V Eastern Villain

Today I will talk about Villain that is told in the novel and compare story in different country and culture on how the Villain created from to effect the Hero. How Villain are they represented and shown in the story from the different culture?

Western V Eastern Villain




Wired Japanese Snack And Candy

Me and my friend Mariko tried all the sweet in Japan (well most of the snack that can be bought it in my area.) We have so much fun eating all of the sweet…..OH YEAH. Some of the snacks are so wired, it tease so strange and some of it almost made my nose fall off. Yeah for the  Japanese sweet and snack. Lucky we save the best one for last to wash away all the other snack. I hope you enjoy watching us burning our tangs and watching us struggle to describe the test.

Suumo And Rent Explanation

Suumo could be hard and confusing to use, the video below will go throught how to use Suumo without having Japanese skill. It already stressful to be searching for a house, so let’s make our life easy and use the web to search for the apartment. Here some explanation and layout of the room.

Room Meaning: 1K- 1 room and a kitchen. 1DK- 1 room, kitchen and dining room (but it usually just a small floor space.) 1LDK- 1room, living room, kitchen and dining room.

Room Layout:

Renting System:

Tetsukekin– which mean Reservation fee
Some agency will ask you to pay even before the actual rental contract is signed. It usually means that the apartment is not going to anyone else and to make sure for the agency that you’re not going to change your mind later. The money will be given back to you once the contract is made. (Oh Yeah! need that money back.) It is usually the price of 1-month rent.

Shikikin– which mean Deposit
The deposit is for any damage that is done to the apartment after you move out. The money will be given back to you excluding the money taken out to repair the apartment. It usually would be 1 or 2 months rent.

Reikin– which mean Key money or thank you money
This is not going to be refunded to you, as it is you the tenant thanking the landlord for renting their house to you. (Crazy I know, but it just how it’s work in japan. Some landlord doesn’t ask for it.) It is usually cost about 1 or 2-month rent.

Chukai Tesuryi– which means Service fee
This is a payment to the agency that you when to, it is the cost of them helping you. Even if you were to just show them the place and they did not do anything; they will still charge you for it. It’s usually 1-month rent or half a month rent.

I hope this is helpful comment below if you have any question, how do you usually search for houses; or if I miss out on anything. ^_^