What Genre To Choose

Do you ever have the problem of choosing what genre to write in? What genre do you want to go into? Here’s what I think. Sometimes people say you should write what you know. However writing what you know to me, it does not leave a lot of room for you as a person and an author to grow; to have the opportunity to expand your view. Our human mind is always looking for ways to grow so why not feed it, challenge yourself.

As a writer as well you need to choose the subject that you are excited about and enjoy writing about. When that day comes you just feeling so frustrated, hating your work. Can’t seem to get the emotions across or getting the descriptive right or even having a writer’s block and you just want to throw your books out of the window. The genre, the excitement, and the enjoyment will act as a reminder why you started the project in the beginning or why you started the project in the first place.

For me I think it is better to choose what you actually enjoy, to read about something that you love. When you are reading a book what part of it that you read makes you feel so excited and you completely disregard all of the others things. You just want to jump the book and find the section within it that hold the treasury information.

When you’re reading a book or watching a movie what part of it make you so excited that you want to bite your nails out, and you want to jump out of your seat because you’re so frustrated or excited. The part where you feel like your stomach going to be tying in knots and just can’t stop watching or reading on.

Sit down and write all the story that you enjoy and see what part of it that you enjoyed the most, then you can find out what genre that it would fall into. Are you the kind that loves to make up magic and coming up with unique creatures, or are you the kind that loves to tell romantic stories. Or are you the type that loves all the fighting and all the blood gushing out making you so excited, or the kind that loves to make people think.

So sit down and think about it, what genre to write in? The genre will appear to you. choose what you enjoy what you know will always come across in your stories.Good Luck, leave me a comment on what you think. I would like to know what genre do you love and why?


Tip On Siting Down And Write

Are you struggling to begin to wring either because you don’t really know where to even begin. Sometimes working on your writing is too much work and you can’t be bothered. (Well, then I should be smacking you for not being bothered. Am just kidding I should thank you if you were writing right now you won’t be here reading this post.) It a good thing that you are now here a is 4 tips for you to just begin.

1. set a time for yourself to just write, promise yourself that you’re going to write so make it happen. It doesn’t matter how many minutes you going to start writing. you can start off small if it too hard for you to stay concentrate for a long. 10 minutes writing session is still better than nothing, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour or even more that is even better. So get your pen out and start writing, think about what is really exciting about writing to get yourself pump up. Think about the fact that youre going to get to know more about your world and charecter, it like meeting your old friend. How exciting is that.

2. Write when you’re travelling, if you’re hands is notimages on that wheel driving you can write for sure. espcailly if you’re using public transportation, waiting for the doctor at a hospital, doing the waiting game; you can diffinitly write somthing. Granted that some of you might preperfer to read, but all of you who is not reading and who is just w
asting time doing nothing, please, please whip your phone or paper and pen out and start writing. It’s very, very good; you’re traing yourself to fall in to the habit of writing and this will begin to get easiler. The good thing about writing is that you can just start writing and enjoy all of your imagination and all of your characters in your head. So stop wasting time and start writing.

3. Read people read, it’s the best thing that you can do for your writing brain. It definitely craves stories so please feed it; it’s like a plant if you don’t feed it; it’s going to shrivel up and die. So please start reading, now some of you out there will not like reading at all, most of you probably repel reading like a vampire repel sunlight. The thought of reading it will make you shrivel up and just want to hide in your coffin. Here is a solution for you if you hate reading go and find an audiobook it’s still would be an equivalent as reading. I do it all the time as a dyslexic person it’s just not that easy to start reading. I do love and enjoy reading, but from time to time I get so frustrated with myself at reading. I’m just so slow and it’s driving me nuts. (Like little crazy nuts running around being extremely mad as hell at myself.)

encre20l_marquet20189220library20of20congress4. Find somewhere comfortable, go and find somewhere that you can feel so comfortable and relax. If you like writing in your bed go ahead write in your bed. That is also my prefer area to write as well, it’s the most comfortable place ever. If you like writing in a noisy cafe or restaurant go ahead, go and find a good cafe place that you can write in. Some of you out there might enjoy some outlandish places like in a bar. Or even going into the realm of weirdness here; some of you might even enjoy sitting on a toilet and start writing. (Hey, I don’t know what you do in your private life, no judgement here; just stating. If you LOVE it then go ahead and write there.)

I hope this has really help you out, join the mailing list if you want to be notified by email when the next post is up. Also, I always take feedback from people who want to give me advise on what to write next and I would love to hear from you.

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Hand Writing On Ipad and Iphone

Writing on paper and using Photo Translate apps is still not quick enough for me seriously I have the attention span much less than a goldfish, that saying would be true on me. Do you  ever find yourself being completely and utterly so LAZY that even the quickest way you found a to do something still end up being very slow. That Happen to me seeing as I found the Photo Translate method still quite slow for me. I when ahead and try to find another way to do handwriting even quicker. 

What you need is your  iPhone or iPad. For iPad make sure you enable the Multitasking Gesture if you don’t want to be banging your head against the wall or on the edge of throwing your iPad against the wall. (That is the no return action, the only thing  you can do is cry your heart out for your injured Ipad.) Also, you can use another device if the apps work on there. and one last thing a touch pen would help a lot.

IMG_0350 copy
Any Kind Of Touch Pen: SO MANY PENNNNNN

goodnoteswork for IPhone and IPad. You write on the device and once you finish you can easily just select the writing and convert it into text. The only thing you need to watch out for is on the iPhone and iPad there is a close up box, a zoom in the box and that need to be the smallest it would go. So that when it is converted from the handwriting to text it will fill the full page. If you don’t do it, once you get it to Word it would just fit half of the page and you going to have to sit there going back line by line to get it to a full sentence. (I made that mistake so learn from me, I wanted to bang my head on something.) On iPad The only fault would be that it is big and sometimes it hard to write on it if you’re not on a table or just in bed writing (who doesn’t do that) but luckily the armrest function works very well so you can rest your arm writing HOORAY! Overall it a good app and it sink very well from iPhone to iPad I use this the most. It is £5.99 but so totally worth it and there is are the function that you can do with the app but I don’t really use it much.


My Script Memo: this app only works on iPad, sorry iPhone. It has an area where you can rest your hand and just write, it might make your risk a bit tired because you are moving from section to section like writing on paper. There is no zoom in function on this app. However that doesn’t have any effect on the converting part, you can write as big as you want and it would recognize that you’re writing a sentence. This app is free. (Yeah, we all love free stuff.)

unnamed (1)Write Pad: work on Ipad and Iphone it will automatically change your handwriting in the text as you write, this is not my favourite app. As I have to wait for it to convert the writing, it’s really distracting me from my writing flow so it’s not really good for me. However, I am only a one person opinion a lot of you might like this app because of the fact that it turns the writing straight into text, you might sometimes need to train it to recognize your writing style. It cost £3.99.

Another app I found and is good but I haven’t tried as am totally happy with GoodNote:

Note plus: £3.99 

Penultimate: free 

Now you can’t say you can’t sit down and write, no more excuses. Go my little birdie, go and fly free for your dream. I hope this has really help you out, join the mailing list if you want to be notified by email when the next post is up. Also, I always take feedback from people who want to give me advise on what to write next and I would love to hear from you.

Here a link to a review of the apps so you can see more in detail of which app you want. https://youtu.be/rlwsc GQuEZc

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Fastest Handwriting To Text In 30 Second

Screenshot 2015-12-12 00.38.29
Why Oh Why!!!

Do you ever have the trouble to just sit and just write (you know who I’m looking at….Everyone who want to be a writer, including me in here and love to procrastinate. Seriously if you don’t have that problem, (I apologise to you and never hope to ever meet you, just kid ding….or are my…. No, I would love to meet you and shake you for the secret.) in here and love to procrastinate. Seriously if you don’t have that problem, (I apologise to you and never hope to ever meet you, just kidding….or are my…. No, I would love to meet you and shake you for the secret.)


All joke aside, I fall into the trap of procrastination all the time, all we writer do. Don’t event get me started on my fidgety self (wait I already did). Don’t you have those day  whenever you sit down to finally write, your mind would drift off, making up an excuse. Needing the bathroom, snake time, dinner time, feed the dog, feed the kid. Just anything to get you away from writing, finally you sit your butt down and tell yourself ‘okay now I am back. Blank Page you can not defeat me.’ down and tell yourself ‘okay now I am back. Blank Page you can not defeat me.’ 

Screenshot 2015-12-12 00.01.56


A spring in your step, a snack in your hands and YouTube in your face. (well more like in my face)

Here me still eating snack very slowly watching YouTube, checking Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Google and watching more YouTube. What else is there? YouTube, the Internet you are the root of all evil, an ally of procrastination and an enemy to all writer. I should hate you but I still love you, it a love; hate relationship we have. (No Judgement please, it a complicated relationship we have, okay.)

Okay, it a good Part that you got here through the jungle and vine of the internet forest. I work out that it not just because I’m LAZY. when all of you stare at your screen isn’t the blank page daunting. For me, I work better if I physically writing and not just typing away on my computer. The word just flows better, however, crap it is. I am still writing. Pull out the trumpet, I am writing .. HOORAY.

Celebrate to soon there, event if I am writing the little voice inside my head is nagging me. ‘Now you’re going to have to type it all up. That is a lot of work and you are just going to waste your time again. Well, little voice I just prove you wrong. I have found a way to sit down and write and turn my writing into text within seconds.


there will be a few things that you need. iPhone, iPad, any  other device that allows you to put in the apps called ‘Photo Translate’. It original purpose is to translate but what it does is amazing. It takes the image of text turn it digital and valar you got your digital writing. You just need to make sure that your handwriting is clear and not shorthand. The other thing is to use a pen, I think pencil does not show up well on the photo. It will not be a 100% a rewrite but it still beat having to rewrite everything. from 2 hours retype to a 10-minute picture taking. The apps are free but if you want more feature you can pay for it, I think it was £2. I hope this has really help you out, join the mailing list if you want to be notified by email when the next post is up. Also, I always take feedback from people who want to give me advice on what to write next and I would love to hear from you. 

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